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While it may not be pleasant to experience, medical experts say that in most cases, nausea is not the main cause of anxiety.

Nausea is not a condition but a symptom Johns Hopkins Medicine. And to improve nausea symptoms, it’s important to first know what’s causing the problem, University of Maryland School of Pharmacy Cherokee Lyson-Wolfe, MD, PhD, told USA TODAY.

In most cases, nausea symptoms can be treated at home. Here’s how medical professionals recommend treating your — or a loved one’s — stomach issues.

Why do I feel nauseous?

Common causes of nausea include motion sickness, overeating, pregnancy, medication side effects, and illnesses including viral and bacterial infections or food poisoning, experts say.

How can I stop feeling nauseous?

For many cases of nausea, experts say over-the-counter medications including Pepto Bismol, Emetrol and Tums provide relief.

“Nausea can be a non-specific symptom and the concern is related to how often it occurs and leads to vomiting, loss of appetite and ultimately weight loss,” Leson-Wolf commented.

Lesson-Wolf says that junk foods can help reduce symptoms. Bread, crackers, rice, and bananas are some top recommendations, although the BRAT diet is generally not recommended. It also helps to eat small meals and avoid spicy, fried and processed foods to allow for slow digestion. Stanford Medicine.

The BRAT diet was popular But doctors no longer recommend it. Here’s why.

It is important to drink plenty of clean liquids. You should also avoid caffeinated drinks, including soda and coffee, because they can irritate your stomach more, experts say.

Ginger ale can be especially helpful, Lyson-Wolf says. Ginger has been shown in research. To promote digestion and help with nausea associated with bloating, gas, pregnancy and chemotherapy. If you start vomiting, drinking Gatorade or Pedialyte can help keep you hydrated, she said.

When should I worry about nausea?

Nausea is a common health symptom, in most cases, it can be treated at home Mayo Clinic.

But if your symptoms don’t improve after 24 hours, you’re experiencing dehydration or stomach pain, you should seek medical attention, Lyson-Wolf says.

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