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Imagine yourself outdoors in a cold winter landscape. There’s a chill on your toes and a sting of cold air on your face. Voices muffled by the snow. you can Smell A kind of pure freshness to the air. And your bladder, maybe, looks like it’s about to burst. what’s wrong That’s what he said.?

It’s not just Murphy’s Law that makes you go all huggy. The cold itself seems to make the body fill the bladder faster. It is a phenomenon known to scientists. Cold-induced diuresis.

What is cold diuresis?

One of the ways our body copes with colds is by constricting the blood vessels around the skin, which allows our blood (warm) to circulate more around our body and prevent our skin from being exposed to cold temperatures. This is related to the reason why your fingers and toes start to feel numb.

But if the blood in the outer parts of our body is less, it means that there is More Blood is circulating around our body. Our internal blood pressure is slightly higher than normal.

And this means that our kidneys are now filtering our blood faster than usual. The result of that filter is, you guessed it, urine. So our bladder fills up quickly.

What to do with diarrhea caused by cold

Fortunately, cold-induced diarrhea is more of an annoyance than a problem. You may want to go to the bathroom before you go into the cold, instead of the urge to hit you a few minutes after leaving the house.

Wrapping can also help. Remember, this is our body’s response to cold, so if you dress warm enough, you may not have that reaction at all.

It is also important to remember to stay hydrated. If you’re constantly freezing and adjusting more than usual, you may be more dehydrated than you think. So if you feel extra thirsty when you come back in after a long day outside, make sure to drink up.

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