The anniversary of that time is approaching. Jets The legend flew Drivers quarter time to Cleveland And before a preseason game, they packed him into a small interview room at Bunns Stadium and introduced him as their next quarterback.

“This is special.” Brett Favre said that day.August 7, 2008

That marriage worked until it didn’t. The Jets started the 2008 season 8-3, Favre was injured (but played through it), lost four of their last five games, and coach Eric Mangini was fired. The Cubs wanted to trade Favre — the Jets only had to give up a fourth-round pick for the 39-year-old — because they had him waiting in the wings.

25 years old Aaron Rodgers.

Fifteen years later, and here we are, the legendary 39-year-old Packers quarterback (Rogers, four MVPs, one Super Bowl, and 10 Pro Bowl selections later) is probably coming out to make way for a young quarterback. Waiting in the wings (Jordan love) … in line with the Jets.

Rogers said he didn’t. He made any decision As for whether he could even play in 2023 — or if that’s what it takes to be in Green Bay — but with the Jets looking for an upgrade at quarterback, expect the Packers to be involved in any trade talks if they’re serious about moving him.

“All the business stuff is speculative until I decide what I want to do moving forward for myself,” Rodgers said Tuesday on the “Pat McPhee Show.”

But what if Rodgers continues to play and is available? Expect the Jets to be in hot pursuit. What does that look like?

Here’s everything to consider with Rodgers and the Jets.

Will the Packers really trade him?

The athleticsMatt Schneiderman, who covers the Packers; He wrote this about Rogers on Tuesday: The Packers still seem to believe Rodgers will give them a chance to win. Whether that was Rogers’ approval or Love’s lawsuit is yet to be determined. No matter how much hell the Packers find themselves in on the road, it will be worth it if they win a second Super Bowl with Rodgers.

When contacted Tuesday, Rodgers said he’s open to a chance to play for another team.

“If they feel it’s best for the team moving forward, then so be it,” he said. “Again, that doesn’t make me angry, and it doesn’t make me feel like a victim. I had no animosity towards the group. I love the company, I love the city, I love the region. … I have a lot of love for what’s going on in Green Bay. And I’d love to finish there, I will. I might be done there. who knows?”

Even at 39 years old, coming off a bad season in a while, Rodgers could still make a significant trade return. Additionally, the Packers can get away with more than $110 million left on the extension he signed last offseason, to have some financial breathing room with the quarterback (Love) still on his rookie contract.

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Bag of Pokers: Should they go with Aaron Rodgers or Jordan Love? Why no coaching change?

What does it take to get Rogers?

Here’s a look back at some of the most recent quarterly trades:

• The Hawk tribe Matt Ryan (37 years) to Colts For the third round selection.
• The Seahawks tribe Russell Wilson (34) and fourth-round to Broncos Two first-round and two second-round picks, a fifth-rounder and three players (QB Drew LockDL Shelby HarrisZ Noah Fant).
• The Texas tribe Deshaun Watson (27) and a sixth-round pick for three first-round, one third-round and two fourth-round picks for the Browns.
• The Colts were traded. Carson Wentz (30) and second round selection to Commanders One second round and two third round picks.
• By 2021, Lions tribe Matthew Stafford (Then 33) to Rams For two first-round and one third-round pick, plus QB Jared Goff.

By that standard, it would be surprising if Rodgers were traded for less than several first-round picks, and possibly more. Any winning team would be smart to include Rodgers’ retirement after 2023 with the trade, though.

Would the Jets be willing to trade that much? By all accounts, owner Woody Johnson is willing to do it. Whatever it is To improve the quarterback and get the Jets back in the game. Rodgers in a Jets uniform — and what it will do for ticket sales — should pique Johnson’s interest.

Implications of the salary cap

Rodgers has a complicated contract It has a helpful highlighter over the cap. On it – but the important part for the Jets is that any trade can come after June 1 (to save Green Bay money) and they will inherit $15.8 million in initial cap space in 2023 and $32.5 million in 2024.

Although you can get into it quickly by setting up contracts, OTC sets jets to be over the top (CJ Mosley, John Franklin-Myers) and/or cutting to save players (Corey Davis, Carl LawsonBraxton Berrios, Jordan Whitehead).

How much does Rogers really have left in the pool?

Rodgers’ skills are declining, which is understandable at this point in his career. He won MVP in 2020 and 2021, but in 2022 he threw for the fewest yards (3,695) of any season in which he played at least 15 games. He threw the most interceptions (12) since his first year as a rookie in 2008.

In a Week 18 win-and-in against the Lions, who had the worst pass defense this season, Rodgers had just 205 yards and one touchdown. The Packers lost 20-16Finishing the season 8-9.

Among football outfielders, Rodgers ranks 21st in DVOA (Defensive Adjusted Value Over Average). He ranked 25th in EPA (expected points added) per drop, per Trimedia, ahead of the Jets quarterback. Mike White (26th).

He also suffered a broken thumb and rib and knee injuries during the season.

Aaron Rodgers and Zach Wilson were able to discuss when the Jets and Packers held joint practices in 2021. (Matt Ludke/Associated Press)

Why Rodgers makes sense for the Jets

The Jets feel the quarterback — and offensive line — are out of contention. And Rodgers, even though he’s on the decline, will be the best quarterback the Jets have hired in a long time. His star power is enough to lure other players to join the Jets.

Rogers has a close relationship with Zach Wilson. Wilson sitting back and learning from Rodgers for a year or two — if the Jets don’t walk away from him this offseason, that is — wouldn’t be the worst thing.

“Wilson is extremely talented,” Rogers told McAfee. “I think a little bit of humility is good for all of us at different times in our careers. … I hope that whoever they decide to go with as a coordinator can work with him and break down a lot of fundamentals and get him playing on time. I think he has the ability to be in the league for a long time.”

Does Rodgers really want to come to the Jets?

If Rodgers is available, the Jets have every intention of engaging in those discussions. Rodgers doesn’t have a no-trade clause, but to some extent, he can determine where he ends up.

“You want to be part of a team that wins championships,” Rodgers said Tuesday.

Does Rodgers see the Jets as Super Bowl contenders? Of course there is some appeal. The Jets have the legitimate No. 1 wide receiver (Garrett Wilson), one of them NFLGreat defenses and an impressive core of young talent – with the owner to spend to improve the roster.

But there are also many cracks that Rogers might notice if he looks closely.

In the year By the end of 2022, the disorganized offensive line may have to be completely rebuilt. Only locks are returned as starters. Laken Tomlinson And Alia Vera-Tucker.

Rodgers highlighted Garrett Wilson and running back Brace Hall Speaking of Zach Wilson – but Hall is coming off an ACL injury in the fall and may not look like the same player. Other wide receivers expected to return (Elijah Moore, Denzel Mims) just had seasons that were lacking. And on defense, the Jets have holes at linebacker and safety, and should part ways with either Lawson or Mosley for capital reasons.

On the bright side, though: Thursday, Jets hire former Packers offensive coordinator. (and 15-game Broncos head coach) Nathaniel Hackett replaced Mike Lafleur as their offensive coordinator. There is a belief around the league that the team that hired Hackett would have a better shot at getting Rodgers because of their close relationship.

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Jets hire former Broncos HC Hackett as OC.

So the Jets’ best hope of acquiring Rodgers involves assembling an attractive offensive staff, overhauling the offensive line and building a roster that gives Rodgers a reason to commit to the team for at least one year, but generally more than one.

The Jets may also decide that Rodgers’ situation is too risky to keep. They could have followed up instead. Robbers quarter time Derek CarrThe ones you can get after the Super Bowl.

Another race for Rogers

Another reason: The Jets may not be the only team with eyes on Rodgers. According to ESPN, the Packers would not be willing to trade him in the NFC.

If that’s true, these teams could make sense for Rodgers’ candidacy:

• Raiders: Reunion with wide receiver Davante Adams.
DolphinsThe best supporting actors in this list.
Veterans: Not a better overall roster than the Jets, but they have Bill Belichick, a top-notch defense and a better offensive line.
The Titans: Derek Henrygood coaching and a strong defense – despite a serious lack of pass rushers.
• Colts: A disorganized team, but they have some pieces on offense and defense.
Crows: Where you go Lamar Jackson.

If the packers trade in NFC, Giants, Buccaneers, Saints, Panthers And 49 All make varying degrees of sense as potential destinations.

(Top photo: John Fisher / Getty Images)

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