Demo for action RPG Wo Long: A Fallen Dynasty is already available for PlayStation 5 through PlayStation Store and Xbox Road to Serres Microsoft Storepublishing house Cow Tecmo and developer Team NINJA it was announced that it will be released. It will only be available until September 26.

An overview of the demo via listings:


A dragon flies from the depths of darkness.

Demo version Wo Long: A Fallen Dynasty, an action RPG set in the dark fantasy world of the Three Kingdoms. As a nameless militia soldier in the chaotic world of the Three Kingdoms, the player will face demons and officers using swordplay based on Chinese martial arts. By clearing this demo version, players will be able to obtain the Crouching Dragon Helmet, which can be used in the retail version.

In addition to the release of the demo version, we will also provide an online survey. Please let us know your thoughts and feedback through the survey inside the demo version. We will pass on all your valuable feedback to our development team. Those who fill out the questionnaire will be able to download the original wallpaper.


  • The content of the demo version may differ from the content of the retail version.
  • A link to play Game station Network / Xbox network required.
  • To play multiplayerNo PlayStation Plus / Xbox Live Gold subscription required.
  • The demo version is available for a limited time. Please look official homepage for details.
  • Demo distribution may end without prior notice.

Check out the demo game tips video below.

Demo Game Tips

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