North Berwick, Scotland – Xander Schauffele He will continue to make up for lost time.

With no wins in over two years, Shuffler scored his fourth win in 12 months last Sunday in the middle of the club, scoring two key saves and equalizing 70.

Next up is another challenge on Scottish soil, the cleanest of which is the Open Andrews Open Championship. Schauffele became one of the world’s most popular golfers.

The PGA Tour was the first to jointly host a European tour.

“Winning the first round is a great honor,” said Shauffel, who now has seven professional titles on a PGA visit.

The 28-year-old San Diego player played a key role in the Reds’ 17-yard touchdown run. To get rid of the problem, the 18th T is removed and the 8-foot equalizer is lost.

Schauffele finished 7-under 273, 1 ahead Kurt Kitayama (66)

Kitayama had a 1-pointer in the back nine and still had to wait until he was 6 feet away in the 17th hole to see if the result was enough.

Comfort for Kitayama was winning one of three places on the field for the third time at The Open, the ancient golf championship. The other two places went Brandon Wu And Jamie DonalddsonSixth tied.

Many others had access to St. Andrew’s. Ricky Foeller He has played in every Open Championship since 2010 and reached the final round of the Scottish Open in the region. But it closed in 75 and he returned home across the Atlantic.

Ryan Palmer He was still on the scene with nine bogs and two birds and no bullets. It was even harder. Alex SmoleyOnly the 18th is required to get a seat. He made Boge.

It was not easy for Shaphel.

He started the final round with a 2-lead lead and opened the opening two holes. After five holes, 4 bullets were ahead. And when the ninth came back, 1 was shot in the back.

“It was stressful,” Schauffele said. “I don’t do makeup on the pig here. It was the middle of the day. Maybe my bad things this week. You can’t go ahead with yourself at Links Golf. I was before, behind, forward, backward. I just lowered my head.”

To recapture the lead, Shufele made a 15-foot bird in the 14th hole and when he reached par-5 in the 16th he made a 2-footed bird and expanded to 2 shots. . Equally important was the 17th, with an 8-foot hole in the back of the green to fit a pillow.

Schauffele have now won two consecutive PGA Tour starters – a win over JP McMannes Pro in Ireland earlier this week – to enter the final of the year. He was the last player to win twice in a row before the major. Dustin Johnson A.D. He finished ninth in 2016, and then at the Royal Trophy.

Schauffele has been undefeated for more than three years in the Century Champions League in Kapaluwa to start 2019, and has been squeezing him.

But Shakufele won Olympic gold at the Tokyo Olympics last summer. Collaborated with Patrick Cantlay He won the Zurich Classic in New Orleans at the end of April and has now added two more. This puts him at number 5 in the world.

Commenting on this year’s PGA Tour victory in New Orleans, he said: “It was big, honestly, to win from Hamp. “As you can see, it was definitely a kick for me.”

Joohyung KimThe 20-year-old South Korean also took part in the 17th bout as the ball bounced off the back of the net for five feet. But in the 18th, he took the bogey and shot 67, finishing third. Moved to No. 39, for the first time in the top 50.

Jordan Spieth Again he had a share of adventures.

On the 14th, he pulled the T-shot into the grass, snatched the long one and made a double boge, and on the 15th he took the lead with one hand out of the way. Spit had two birds, three bogs and two bogs in the back nine and shot 72 for the 10th time.

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