The Yankees and Royals have recently held talks on the transfer of foreign players Andrew Benindendy According to a report by the Bronx John Hayman and New York Post Dan Martin. They added that the Yanks are similarly trying to create a separate business that sends foreign players Joy Gallo Out of town.

Benintendy is one of the clearest business candidates, and this is not the first time his name has been in the spotlight. With a good year in the non-competition team and ready to reach the final agency of the season, everything seems to be in the middle of negotiations now until August 2nd. Also, MLBTR recently put # 2 on us. List of business candidates. In June, it was Reported The royals were actively seeking a foreign player, Blue Jays reported Showing interest.

The Yankees were the best team in baseball this year and so the timers are very clear. As a team with a record of 61-24, they do not have many holes, but one area that seems to be interested in improving is an outdoor field with a Bennettendy or other limited-time purchase. Reports from Earlier this month The Yankees have indicated that they are looking to improve on Gallo in some way.

The fact that Gallo is a disappointment in the Bronx is well known to Yankee fans, as the product was created by the Rangers last year. Prior to the deal, Gallo was one of the most feared baseball players in the world. During the four full seasons from 2017 to 2021, Gallo competed in 38 home runs or more. A.D. He was limited to 70 games in 2019 but still hit 22 long balls. His wRC + was between 108 and 144 in those four seasons, which is between 8% and 44% better than the league average. A.D. 2020 was a disappointing campaign, but with the strange circumstances of the epidemic, and by 2021 it seems to be back. During his time with the Rangers last year, he hit 25 home runs in 95 games and dropped to .233 / .379. / .490 for wRC + of 139. After the deal, however, he only hit .160 / .303 / .404, 95 wRC +. This is up for grabs this season, hitting .166 / .288 / .341 on the year, producing just w4.84. After a year of subpar production, the Yanks seem willing to continue. MLBTR has placed a gallon on the # 39 business list.

Benintendy is having a much better season than Gallo, albeit in a very different way. Unlike Galo, which has a lot of power, Bennettendy has a more intimate profile. His 14.2% strike is below the league average of 22.2% and Gallo is 38.3% less than the year before. However, he hit three homers during the season, compared to 10 gallons. All told, Benintendy .317 / .387 / .402 is declining for wRC + 128, which is a significant improvement over Gallo 84.

Wages are not a big deal for the Yankees. Both players are coming in as free agents, with Benintendy 8.5mm and Gallo $ 10,275m. Jason Martinez Roster Resources The Yankees’CBT number is currently estimated at $ 262mm, which puts them above $ 250 MM, but shy of the $ 270 MM third.

The royals have no interest in Gallo, of course. As a rebuilding team, with a current record of 31-52, they are looking for long-term assets, prospects or perhaps more recent players. That leaves the Yankees wondering who wants to shoot at the gallon and hopes for a retaliation. If a group wants to convince themselves that Gallo is the cause of the change, they may look at its FB size. This year it is 17.5%, less than 27% of the work and 37.3% higher in the single season. However, the stats are a real mixed bag, and Gallo can still hit the ball hard, but not enough frequency. The maximum exit speed is 90 percentile, but the average exit speed is 40th. Any team that finds it should hope for a bit of consistency, with the average climbing speed going from 88.6 miles per hour to 93-95 miles per hour for a better season.

According to Heiman and Martin’s report, Yankee’s best bet is a team led by his former bosses in Texas. Rangers are in four games and there are some Rangers themselves. But it will be amazing to see them go on a lease like Galo, as this is the first year that the club has been hoping for a multi-year competition. Although the Yankees may be motivated enough to continue packing with someone else or eating a portion of their salary, players with a little more control are more likely to fit in. Given the details of the club in the short term, Galo will definitely have a place. Rangers are showing off-field mixing. Adolis Garcia, Cole Calhoun, Brad Miller And Leody Taveras In recent days. Miller is having a worse year than Gallo, cutting .210 / .261 / .347 for wRC + 73. The club showed. Mich Garver Many times with a named heather, but it is to be treated. Timely surgery tomorrow.

Padrece was in front of Rangers’ front office with Aje Priller, president of baseball operations. When they needed help for a while, they were bitten by a snake Will Myers And Jurickson Profar. Nomar Mazara It has risen and filled a place wonderfully, but you are still getting low yields. Trent Grisham And Jose Azokar. Myers is on the verge of recovery but he had a terrible campaign before he was put on the injury list, which means there is no guarantee that he will ever be able to fix healthy things. Despite those outside struggles, the club is 49-37 and currently holds the NL Wild Card, making them a time limit buyer.

There is also a financial situation to consider with Padres, as they appear to be in conflict with the luxury tax and disgusting for the second consecutive year. Jason Martinez Roster Resources Calculates their CBT number to $ 228.9, more than $ 230 MM Primary Shame. They have been trying to trade Myers and Eric Hosmer Although not yet successful, to avoid pay for a while. For the same reasons, it is also reported that they are considering trading the original pitcher Blake Snell Probably the most effective option. MLBTR Steve Adams He recently looked at the situation in detail. It would be amazing if Padres could create that breathing apparatus and use it on a dice roll like a gallon. Although Presler has shown a tendency to buy former Rangers such as Professor, Mazara and others. U. DarvishThat is, it cannot be completely discounted.

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