At I/O 2022, Google announced it was updating over 20 of its first-party apps for Android tablets and other large screen form factors. Besides visual redesigns, this includes multitasking optimizations like the ability to drag images across apps, which Google Keep for Android now supports.

To start, have Google Keep and another app, like Gmail, open side-by-side in split screen mode. If your note has an image, long-press on it for a second until it pops-out and then bring it over to the other application.

Google Keep also supports having images dragged into it (as seen in the last item below). We’re seeing this ability to “effortlessly insert images” widely rolled out with version of Google Keep for Android. We tested it on an Android 12 tablet (Samsung) and several Pixel phones.

On a system level, this feature is not new and dates back to Android 10, while Google demoed it on-stage in May with Photos, which has a nice interaction where the dragged photo gets turned into a thumbnail. Unfortunately, Gmail does not appear to support dragging attachments into other applications.

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