In Tears of the kingdomblockbuster new The Legend of Zelda game, the silent hero Link once again encounters the lovely forest spirits called Koroks. Unlike its previous versions Zelda, you can actually pick up and manipulate these cutiesβ€”in fact, the game encourages you to take them from place to place to help them reach their friends. This past weekend, gamers on TikTok, Reddit, and Twitter instead started blasting these little guys with bang, zoom, straight to Hyrule Moon!

Korok is sent into space.

Sometimes you’re just trying to help Korok reach his friend and things go a little awry.

What does it do about small children Zelda are players so eager to abuse them in an almost medieval fashion? Maybe it’s the funny noises they make when they’re up to something.

“Whoah,” Korok says as he crashes into the sky across the lake. Korox now seem to occupy the same aesthetic and spiritual space as the Minions: They’re indestructible cartoon characters, and therefore fodder for any hijinks imaginable.

Despite the mild genocidal manifestations, I have to say that I find this behavior mostly harmless and enjoyable, and my guess is that the Nintendo Gods are smiling down to see what players do with Koroks, or in some cases. However, I think players who are literally crucifying Korox should consider asking for help.

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