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Last month, we reported that Chiefs receiver Rashee Rice’s off-field issues could be complicated by the A’s. A previously unreported (but unknown) event while at SMU.

“[M]We learned of an alleged incident during the pre-draft process when Rice was at SMU,” we posted on May 10. Rice believes former SMU basketball player Kendrick Davis is seeing Rice’s boyfriend. Rice and some friends, according to at least one separate report gathered by the team, went to an SMU basketball game. Rice (or someone with him), according to at least one special report gathered by the team, fired multiple shots into an empty car belonging to Kendrick Davis.

Chiefs coach Andy Reid was recently asked if he knew about the situation before the team drafted Rice.

“The way I leave for you . . . We have enough knowledge to draft it, you know, and then we just go through the process and we, you know, find it satisfactory to us.

Asked later to elaborate on his comments, Reid said: “I’ll probably leave it at that. Yes, I’ll leave you there.”

As reported at the time, the chiefs knew the situation before preparing rice. Each group is believed to know. For whatever reason, it has been under wraps for over a year. If one or more recent off-field issues have resulted in Rice being penalized under the personal conduct policy, that past may be a factor in the eventual disciplinary action.