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2024 Australian Olympic Trials

G’day Mates. I hope you enjoyed some stellar work yesterday and are excited for today’s events. Kaylee McKeownElijah Winnington and Sam Short All are back in the water as they look to qualify for a second event.

We start the morning off with a bang, just like yesterday morning’s first heat of the world record holder, as McKeown returns to her 100 event roster alongside the 200 IM. While she’s the only swimmer to enter under 58, that doesn’t mean she’s without competition. Mollie O’CallaghanShe entered as the second seed in her own world record. Seeded more than a second faster than the #3 seed, O’Callaghan will have some hungry, determined youngsters behind her. Iona Anderson And Jacqueline Barclay.

The next incident went from one of Australia’s strengths to its weakness. Jenna Strack And Abbey Harkin He competes in the 100 breaststroke, medley relay and individual event. Strauch had the only qualifying time of 1:06.31, the 3rd seed. Ella Ramsey She may be in the hunt as she makes the team in the 200 IM and rides a wave of power.

The multi-class 50 free comes next and will be a fast affair with 11 men and 16 women all vying for a coveted spot in the evening’s finals. Swimming a second time in the Para events gives the athletes another shot at extra points, as the team’s qualification must wait until the end of the meet.

The men’s 100 back is sandwiched between the para 50 free and the 100 fly, and you’ll see Isaac Cooper And Bradley Woodward Chasing a solid qualifying time of 53.21. Neither of the top two seeded Aussies have entries under that mark, but it’s certainly within reach. Australian record holder Mitch LarkinThe best is 52.11, your 8th seed and should be on point to get back to the finals.

After the MC 100 fly, the men’s 200 free will see the return of Winnington and Madame Short. Both of them want to show strong performances with their favorite this morning Maximilian Giuliani, Thomas Neal, Alex Graham, Kay Taylor, Flynn Southampton, Matt Temple, And Zac is unsure (to name a few). With some many names all hoping to get a ticket to Paris, it may be difficult to make the top 8, instead of tonight, where six of the eight finalists will probably be on the plane to Paris.

Complete Meet Prelims Heat Sheet

Women’s 100 Backstroke – Prelims

  • World record: 57.33 – Kaylee McKeown (AUS), 2023
  • Australian record: 57.33 – Kaylee McKeown2023
  • Main Australia OQT: 59.62
  • 2021 Final Time: 1:01.37 – Abby Webb

High 8

  1. Mollie O’Callaghan (STPET) – 58.73
  2. Kaylee McKeown (GUSC) – 59.03
  3. Hannah Fredericks (STPET) – 59.72
  4. Iona Anderson (BRW) – 59.96
  5. Jacyln Barclay (STPET) – 1:00.30
  6. Minna Atherton (BOND) – 1:00.90
  7. Layla Day (BOND) – 1:00.01
  8. Emily Seebohm (STMAR) – 1:01.02

McKeown wasted no time in establishing herself as a top swimmer in the first heat. McKeown easily led the first heat halfway through, clocking in at 28.63, ahead of up-and-comers Jacelyn Barclay and Bronte Job. McKeown looked smooth and in control, didn’t really go to her feet in the closing meters, and went to the wall in 59.03. Barkley swam well and put herself in good stead for tonight’s finals, finishing in 1:00:30.

MOC showed a back half pace in the second heat as she pushed the pace in the closing metres. In 28.87, O’Callaghan had a strong run to the finish and went around McKeown to take the top time of the morning with a quick 58.73. Teammate Hannah Fredericks also came under the 1:00 barrier and hit the wall in 59.72 to finish 03 behind the entry time.

The third heat (and final) of the round-robin heats was a slow affair. The top seed in the heat and in third place overall, Iona Anderson went to the wall in 59.96, .72 from her entry time. Anderson has been as fast as 58.53, so he wants to leave more time tonight. Veteran swimmers Mina Atherton and Emily Seebohm finished 6th and 8th with 1:00.90 and 1:01:02 respectively, so hopefully I should get through.

Women’s 100 breaststroke – prelims

  • World Record: 1:04.13 – Lily King (USA), 2017
  • Australian Record: 1:05.09 – Leslie Jones, 2006
  • Swimming Australia OQT: 1:06.31
  • 2021 Final Time: 1:08.34 – Zoe Deacon

High 8

  1. Jenna Strauch (MIAMI) – 1:07.58
  2. Abby Harkin (STPET) – 1:07.59
  3. Ella Ramsey (Chand) – 1:07.70
  4. Matilda Smith (MIAMI) – 1:08.03
  5. Sienna Toohey (ALBU) – 1:08.04
  6. Mikayla Smith (GUSC) – 1:09.05
  7. Isabella Johnson (CRUIZ) – 1:09.24
  8. Zoe Deacon (NUN) – 1:09.44

Jenna Strauch, the 200 silver medalist from Budapest, played to her strengths as she swam a strong back 50 to overtake early leader Sienna Toohey. Strauch, who is on her way back from a knee injury, was 15 behind but chased her down to take the heat win in 1:07.58, with Toohey finishing in 1:08. He takes second in 1:08.04

Abby Harkin entered the final as the second seed and will enter the final tonight in the same position as she won the second in 1:07.59, .01 ahead of the lead streak. Mikayla Smith finished second in 1:09:05, while Harkin pulled away from the field to win the heat by nearly a second and a half.

Following on from last night’s success, Ella Ramsey hit the wall in 1:07:70, swimming a strong and smooth heat. Ramsey, who finished second in the 200 IM, faced a late challenge from Matilda Smith, but was held on by Smith. With three swimmers under 1:08 and only two finishing under 1:08 tonight, it will be tight in the finals as all will be chasing the 1:06:31 qualifying time.

Sally Hunter (nee Foster), 39, a four-time World Championship medalist, finished ninth in the preliminaries in 1:09.63, missing the A-Final by .19.

Men’s Multiple Class 50 Freestyle – Prerequisite

High 8

  1. Tom Gallagher S10 (SOMGC) – 23.51 (956 points)
  2. Rowan Crothers S10 (YERPK) – (870 points)
  3. Alexander Tuckfield S10 (SSST) – 24.55 (840 points)
  4. Riley Moore S10 (WOYW) – 26.20
  5. Ben Popham S9 (HLDR) – 26.27
  6. Luke holder S10 (horn) – 27.12
  7. Hamish Keenan S9 (PROP) – 28.40
  8. Daniel Rigby S9 (KPSC) – 28.73

Tonight saw the hustle and bustle of swimmers from S3 to S10 battling it out for a place in the finals. Tom Gallagher, sporting a fine beard, edged past Tokyo Paralympic champion Rowan Crothers to take the win in 23.51, dropping .06 from his seed. Crothers finished second in 24.26, .84 off his seed, and may have been on something.

Gallagher’s swim this morning already dipped below the qualifying standard, but he can’t rest on his laurels as tonight’s swimmers can earn higher point totals.

Women’s Multisection 50 Free Style – Preliminaries

High 8

  1. Alexa Leary S9 (STIL) – 28.04
  2. Keira Stephens S10 (STHPT) – 28.83
  3. Katja Dedekind S13 (YERPK) – 28.41
  4. Jenna Jones S12 (USCS) – 29.03
  5. Rachel Watson S3 (Chand) – 40.76
  6. Hannah Prix S10 (CMBT) – 30.45
  7. Michelle Faure S10 (ENG) – 31.43
  8. Sarah Howe S10 (BGOLD) – 31.68

Men’s 100 Backstroke – Prelims

  • World Record: 51.60 – Thomas Ceccone (ITA), 2022
  • Australian record: 52.11 – Mitch Larkin2015
  • Main Australia OQT: 53.21
  • 2021 Final Time: 55.03 – Travis Mahoney

High 8

  1. Bradley Woodward (MING) – 53.78
  2. Isaac Cooper (standing) – 53.91
  3. Enoch Robb (ALLSA) – 54.58
  4. Mitch Larkin (Chand) – 54.76
  5. Stuart Swinburne (COSAC) – 54.79
  6. James Bayliss (Chand) – 54.82
  7. Joshua Edwards-Smith (GUSC) – 55.03
  8. Lewis Blackburn (standing) – 55.24

Isaac Cooper showed his speed early in the race, taking the first 50 quickly and hitting the wall in 25.85. Cooper, who trains with Cameron McEvoy, took the win in 53.91. It was a comfortable margin as Stuart Swinburne took second, a full second behind in 54.79.

A very fast heat, the second heat saw Bradley Woodward pass Cooper’s position on the field. Woodward was a little slower, turning in 26.48, but managed to hit the wall in 53.78 over the final 50 meters. Also, Enoch Rob, who swam well in the heat, and Mitch Larkin. The pair finished behind Woodward in 54.58 and 54.76, respectively, and currently sit 3rd and 4th in heat one of the circle race.

The third heat of the men’s 100 back was very slow. Lewis Blackburn and Se-bom Lee battled it out in the middle of the 100s but lacked the pace to keep pace with the swimmers from the previous heats. Blackburn bested Lee, hitting the wall in 55.24 compared to Lee’s 55.30. Blackburn are now on the hot seat as they sit in 8th place and could drop out of the A-Final. The top seed in the heat, visiting athlete Mark Nikolaev, would add nearly two seconds to his seed time to finish in 55.95.

Men’s Multiple 100 Butterfly – Preliminaries

High 8

  1. Benjamin Hans S14 (standing) – 56.13 (899 points)
  2. Timothy Hodge S9 (ACUB) – 1:00.46 (846 points)
  3. Alex Safi S10 (BUN) – 57.78 (823 points)
  4. Cole Pierce S10 (NN) – 58.27
  5. Louis Bishop S9 (RACKL) – 1:01.53
  6. Liam Schluter S14 (USCS) – 59.06
  7. Declan Budd S14 (KPSC) – 59.69
  8. William Martin S10 (NCOLL) – 59.82

While it looked like Piano was going to land on his back in the closing meters, S14 swimmer Benjamin Hance absolutely smashed it in the first heat of the 100 fly. In 25.50, Hance managed to hit the wall in 55.90, he came home in 30.63. Hans’ swim was 23 off his seed time, but he cleared the qualifying time in his category.

Women’s multi division 100 butterfly – prerequisite

High 8

Men’s 200 Freestyle – Prelims

  • World Record: 1:42.00 – Paul Biedermann (GER), 2009
  • Australian Record: 1:44.06 – Ian Thorpe, 2001
  • Swimming Australia OQT: 1:45.97
  • 2021 Final Time: 1:47.43 – Matthew Temple

Men’s Multiple Section 50 Breaststroke – Preliminaries

High 8