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Darwin Nunez About a dozen Uruguayan teammates went into the stands as fans brawled at Bank of America Stadium after their 1-0 Copa America semifinal loss to Colombia on Wednesday night.

After a physical and contentious game, Mexican referee Cesar Ramos blew the final whistle and a scuffle broke out behind the Uruguayan bench.

The crowd of 70,644 was 90% in favor of Colombia, but a small group of Uruguayan fans fought with Colombian fans when they threw drinks.

Nunez and his teammates stepped into the crowd. A video shows Nunez punching a fan in Colombia’s team colors.

It took more than 10 minutes for the police to restore it. The public address announcer asked fans to leave the stadium, but many fans remained.

About 100 Uruguayan fans and members of the federation stayed on the field for more than 20 minutes after the match, while the Colombian fans celebrated.