I have more than a month to think Final Fantasy VII Rebirthof ends, and it’s not often that I feel worse about something with each passing day. However, here I am, wondering how Square Enix chose to close middle part which he planned Do it again trilogyand I’m even more surprised at how difficult it is Rebirth commits to not committing at the eleventh hour. I sympathize with the idea that this is not the end of the story, but Rebirth it feels less like a fitting springboard to a new conclusion and more like buyer’s remorse for what might have been a cliffhanger.

We already was discussed Rebirthit ends here My cityand if you want a more auspicious reading in the last hours, you can check it out Narrator by Claire Jackson. You can also read Digital Trends‘ piece defending the end, which Giovanni Colantonio also reads quite positively, admitting that it is polarizing. But for me Rebirths failures stem from his inability to do less weave that exposure naturally to its own narrative, but from what feels like a deliberately vague, thematically fractured conclusion. It feels like Jesse Vitelli put it review Shacknewsit is written in pencil so that he does not undertake anything that he cannot erase.

Final fantasy 7 rebirth spoilers follow.

Final Fantasy Vii Rebirth'S Ending Doesn'T Get The Benefit Of The Doubt

What is happening Final fantasy 7 rebirthdoes it end? It’s complicated

To ensure everyone is on the same page, let’s break down what actually happened at the end Rebirth. As much as we can, given his deliberately vague presentation. The big bad Sephiroth explains to our brooding, hallucinating protagonist Cloud Strife that there are multiple universes and that he is trying to unite these different worlds. The individual continuities are held together by ghost-like beings called Whispers, who try to prevent anyone from going off-script. Do it again‘s ending involves the defeat of the Whispering Herald, indicating that the group must now be able to defy fate. But in Rebirth, it is suggested that the Whisperers are not just guardians of fate, but beings like Sephiroth who are sensitive to the outside influences of humans. This is the beginning of fundamental changes Do it again themes of the trilogy – the question comes later Rebirth indeed reckoning with new discoveries and expanding on its own ideas, or does it simply make a complete thematic U-turn, opting for the spectacle of a multiverse instead of an introspective exploration of predeterminism?

I struggle with this. RebirthThe end of ‘ does not lead to the belief that the tracks were not built when the train was moving to its destination. And the inconsistency in the subject creates it Rebirth‘s ending is questionable and ultimately a huge disappointment for me.

Cloud Prepares To Block Sephiroth'S Attack.

Screenshot: Square Enix / Claire Jackson / Kotaku

Do it again Suggesting that Cloud and all his friends can’t come to the same bittersweet conclusion they did in the original Final fantasy 7– They can take another path. Still Rebirth bringing them back to where they would have been if the Whispers had never been introduced. After Sephiroth tries to frame Cloud as his multi-talented partner in crime, things start going back to 1997. In the Forgotten Capital, Aeriththe sorceress of the party, the flower girl and sole survivor of the Cetra race, prays to use Holy magic and stop Sephiroth’s Meteor spell from destroying the world and allowing him to rise to godhood.

Controlled by Sephiroth, Cloud raises his sword to strike Aerith as she is held by the Whispers as she resists her enemy’s influence. He nearly drops the blade, but manages to hold his own long enough for Sephiroth (as he did nearly 30 years ago) to come down from above with his own sword in hand. In the original Final fantasy 7, his blade pierces Aerith’s stomach, killing her in one of the most devastating deaths in video games. In RebirthCloud manages to regain control of his body and block the attack with his sword.

At first glance, it seems like this moment Do it again was leading us. He defied fate and Rebirth Square Enix rewrote a historic moment by following through on a bold promise of new opportunities for the Cloud and the company. Final Fantasy history. When I heard that Final Fantasy 7‘s story may be different, I immediately thought of Aerith’s fate, I remembered how many there were pranks and school rumors It was about if you did X, Y, or Z in your game, you could save it. None of this worked, though Rebirth gave a chance to explore the hypothesis. And for a moment, when you see Sephiroth’s sword hit the ground instead of Aerith’s, you think a whole new world of possibilities has opened up… blood begins to flow a creator we have never seen.

Sephiroth'S Sword Is Shown Stuck In The Ground And Aerith'S Blood Is Next To It.

Screenshot: Square Enix / Claire Jackson / Kotaku

Rebirth‘s first problem lies in its deliberately confusing storyboard. Square Enix knows what awaits any player who knows what’s coming in the Forgotten Capital anything it’s different here. A fake-out only serves the purpose of making a player desperate to pick it up. But what he shows next is where he reveals his true intentions: to show that there are many possibilities for Aerith to survive. Fate can be defied, but those opportunities happen elsewhere – not in the game world, where we travel 30-100 hours towards that outcome.

It’s dark and confusing during all the emotional weight of Aerith’s death Rebirth‘s final hours, the game rapidly switches between images of the various continuities in which he survives. Cloud exists in the middle of the multiverse, so he sees multiple consequences unfold, signified by blood running down Aerith’s dress, hands, and Sephiroth’s sword, disappearing and reappearing as the multiverse collapses in on itself.

The vignette only gets more complicated when Aerith appears in the final boss battle between Cloud and Sephiroth. It’s a pattern of back and forth between whether or not Aerith survives in the final hours Rebirthinability to commit. Ultimately, however, we see two versions of Aerith’s fate play out after the battle is over. One, that’s it Do it again Continuity where Tifa, Barrett and the others are standing over his body. He’s been dead in the world we’ve been living in for two games now. Cloud, on the other hand, goes to her in a different sequence and manages to wake her up before returning home.

Rebirth it distorts Do it againbecomes something less attractive

Rebirth‘s big reveal is that Cloud exists in some sort of multiverse state and is able to communicate with Aerith and see her where the rest of her friends can’t. She is the only person who can see her friend as she walks through the party grieving his death. He’s also the only person who can see the tear in the sky, which means the multiverse is falling apart at the seams. But the final moments of the game are so deliberately distracting that they are deprived of any emotional weight. As I’ve been peeling back the layers along with other players over the past few weeks, what I’ve found below is downright cowardly. Do it again declared that it was possible.

Jackson Tyler horse Paste the magazine perfectly summed up how I felt when I finished Rebirth. As they wrote, Rebirth it’s so misguided in its attempts to both stay true to its source material and be something entirely new that it ends up a jumble of contradictions. The finale is determined never to settle for an idea that can only be concretely explained by the evidence, but also raises new questions that are less compelling than its brief thematic direction. Do it again: Is our destiny written in the stars, or are there ways to overcome the inevitable imprint of our lives? There aren’t many video games better equipped to explore this Final fantasy 7 talk again. Instead, we leave the police where Rebirth Kills Aerith, but finds ways to keep her around anyway.

Tifa And Red Xiii Cry For Aerith.

Screenshot: Square Enix / Claire Jackson / Kotaku

Thematic sequence is the bare minimum pillar of the story and Rebirth does a Star Wars level challenge that continues to abandon this in favor of trickery and confusion. It doesn’t feel like a plot twist, it feels like a retreat to an imaginary safety where he doesn’t have to imagine anything. Final fantasy 7 a story in which more radical changes take place. What if Cloud had died instead of Aerith? can Crisis Basis protagonist Zack Fair jumps multiple worlds to take up the mantle of party leader? Aerith didn’t even need to survive to be interesting to me, but so what everything Was it significantly different from 1997? Final Fantasy 7 remake asked this question and Rebirth He seems so scared of the answer that he twists himself into knots, trying to find a way to transfer money to a different side of the multiverse.

All that being said, and there’s a perfectly reasonable chance that a third game will return to the ideas Do it again Offered in 2020. But that’s why I say why should I be skeptical of this trilogy again? Even when I’m not sure Square Enix can pull off a story similar to the metatextual remake story. Evangelion rebuilds or Scott Pilgrim flies), I was still open to the idea. But now that such an apparent 180 has been taken, why should I believe in any continuity going forward?

This is the craziest result of an intentionally vague path Final fantasy 7 rebirththe end of is played. It invites speculation, and uncertainty is the perfect shield to criticize its shortcomings. He walks away from defying fate, but he can lead to another climax or character arc that we don’t know about yet, so we’ll have to wait and see before we judge, right? A third game could and likely will expand based on countless speculations floating around the internet. But it doesn’t replace it Rebirthwhat is to ignore Do it again it was possible to boldly declare.

These are interesting questions, and there’s excitement in theorizing, but we’re all, whether we like the ending or not, working on assumptions that the game refuses to clarify or engage with. When the third and final game of this trilogy comes out, we have a lot of speculation about what Rebirth actually means to be deunked or supported in the end. At the moment, why do not want to give the last flowers can be lead to when Do it againthe thematic loss of was thrown into the void of the multiverse. The most radical thing Rebirth could do, was to follow, and in search of an orienting abyss, he could not even manage it.