Alexis Jandard Paris

A famous French diver pulled off an embarrassing stunt at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Paris this week ahead of the summer games.

It is the Olympic Aquatic Center worth over $160 million. Only permanent sports facility Made for games. During the 2024 Paris Summer Games, swimming, pool and diving will take place in front of around 5,000 fans from around the world.

The grand opening was a big hit, but not quite as much as the organizers – or diver Alexis Jandard – had hoped.

Jandard, along with other Olympic divers, took part in the event to show why they were chosen to represent France in the next Games. In front of French President Emmanuel Macron and other VIPs, they took turns diving off a 10-meter diving board about 33 feet away.

French diver Alexis Jandard dismounts the 3-meter springboard after slipping on the jump as two divers complete their routine during the opening ceremony of the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris, April 4, 2024.

Reuters/Metropole du Grand Paris

But as Jandard stepped onto a low board and took the first swing for a dive, he lost his footing and stumbled, hitting the board on his back and then the bottom before climbing into the pool.

The 26-year-old dominated the flop by mocking his own bad luck on social media and posting thank you messages on his back for all the support he received.

“For your information, my back is fine, but my ego…” he joked.

Jandard said he’s glad their bad luck is giving people a good laugh.

He is set to return to the 3m board during the Summer Games – looking to round off his broken start to a gold medal.

The Olympics will begin in the French capital on July 26 and run until August 11.