G’day PoGO fans! The Sinnoh Tour is fast approaching and it can be overwhelming to try and work out where your priorities are during such a huge weekend of events. If there are a lot of spawns, glows, raids, eggs, research quests, and other in-game experiences happening, it’s best to go in with a plan of how you want to tackle the day.

That’s where Mega Evolutions come into play. From my point of view, it really matters which pokemon types to Mega Evolutions during the weekend:

  • Spawning in nature;
  • You want to raid (this will be obvious enough – the newly released Origin jerseys);
  • Suitable for PvP / PvE requiring XL candy;
  • Which Pokemon have you maxed out in terms of mega evolution power?

Here’s a quick rundown of where the Mega and XL stand to help you decide where you want your focus to be over the weekend. Note that this article focuses mainly on spawning, not so much on raiding or spawning (which will likely be a frustrating pot luck).


  • you can Ignore everything that happens throughout the event and just thrive at your best Dragon Types throughout the day to help you get the most out of raids for Dialga and Palkia. That would be a legitimate approach!
  • Unfortunately, this approach will do little to help you grind XL candy for other priority picks throughout the event. Only 1 Dragon type spawn is a priority choice for PvP, so you might want to look dual type Mega Evolutions whom Garchomp XL to complete the grind.
  • Toxic minerals and Geothermal Lagoon There is the best caviar for PvP (and PvE). There’s little to get excited about except for flashy hunts and legendary raids on the bustling Boardwalks and Ancient Grove.
  • One of the best Pokémon for the entire event for PvP Pachirisu, which does not spawn in the wild, but is instead locked behind 10 km of eggs. Pachi is a seasoned but exciting Major League option, but should be bumped up to L50. Frankly, I’m pretty disappointed with the decision to hatch Pachi for a number of reasons, but I’ll leave it up to you to decide how hard you’ll work to hatch them throughout the event.

Priority Spawn and XL Priorities
Pokemon Encounter SymbolPokemon Encounter Symbol

PvP Priorities by Habitat

Below are most of the types of Pokémon that spawn in the 4 habitats that rotate throughout the event. In terms of PvP mega evolution support:

  • Noisy Boardwalk It has a pretty average PvP spawn. If you need to grind Magnesium or My drift XL candy these will be priorities, but that’s up for debate.
  • Ancient Grove features Bronzer, Eevee and stretches Tangela As your PvP priority builds. Bronzor has been all over the place lately, and Eevee spawns at every event. I think Tangela is the main thing to focus on the PvP side of things because if the Master League Premier Cup comes back, Confusion is a pretty decent choice in this format.
  • Toxic minerals starting to see improvement in wild spawn. He laughs, Dusk, Shieldon, Sharp, Gible, Skorupi and Toxic are the best PvP options available (and don’t sleep on Cranidos either – Rampardos is a beast in PvE). Of these options, I’d really prefer XL candy grinds for Shieldon, Stunky, Gible, and Skorupi, as they work best when maxing out their mass.
  • Geothermal Lagoon it is also a better habitat for selected spawners. Lickitung, Eevee (again), Rhyhorn, Togetic, Swinub, They are snoring and Snover spawning in the wild are the best PvP options. Of these options, Lickitung, Rhyhorn, and Swinub are the main mons to prioritize for XL candy.

Mega Garchomp

Turn on PvP Meta priorities

This table details the priority spawns by field, the league they are best suited to, and whether an XL candy investment will be required. I won’t go into the details of each month as it has already been analyzed a lot here!

Noisy Boardwalk
Pokemon Encounter SymbolPokemon Encounter Symbol

Ancient Grove
Pokemon Encounter SymbolPokemon Encounter Symbol

Toxic minerals
Pokemon Encounter SymbolPokemon Encounter Symbol

Geothermal Lagoon
Pokemon Encounter SymbolPokemon Encounter Symbol

All species by habitat

If you want to understand the biggest bang for your buck, here are the total spawn counts broken down by habitat and species. It doesn’t differentiate between which mons are PvP/PvE friendly or not.

Mega Pokémon and Bonuses

The bonuses you get from Mega/Primal levels are:

List of Mega Pokémon and their Candy Boosts

  • Venosaurus grass Poison
  • Charizard Y Fire Flying
  • Mega Charizard X FireDragon
  • Blastoise Water
  • Beedrill Bug Poison
  • Pidgeot Normal Flying
  • Slowbro Water Psychic
  • Gengar Nightmare Poison
  • Kangaskhan Normal
  • think Bug Flying
  • Gyarados Water Dark
  • Aerodactyl Rock Flying
  • Ampharos Electricity Dragon
  • Steelix Steel Place
  • Scissors Bug Steel
  • Houndom Dark Fire
  • tyrannical Dark Rock
  • Sceptile grass Dragon
  • Blaziken Fire Fight
  • Swampert Water Place
  • Gardevoir Psychic Fairy
  • Sable Dark Nightmare
  • Aggron Steel
  • Medicham Psychic Fight
  • Manectric Electricity
  • altars Dragon Fairy
  • Absol Dark
  • Glalie Ice
  • Hello Dragon Flying
  • Wide ones Dragon Psychic
  • Latios Dragon Psychic
  • Rayquaza Dragon Flying
  • Lopunny Normal Fight
  • Abomasnow grass Ice
  • Garchomp Place Dragon
  • Diancie Rock Fairy
  • Groundon Place Fire grass
  • Kyogre Water Electricity Bug

I hope this quick guide helped you prioritize PvP and XL grinding for the weekend. You can always find me Twitter or Instagram for more PoGO analysis. The GOHub team is also busy preparing a number of other articles to support you over the coming week and weekend:

Good luck all weekend with XL grinding and brilliant hunting!

see you later