To Overcome The Final Boss Battle In Palworld

News: In Palworld, a widely played survival game, successfully overcoming the ultimate challenge created by Victor and Shadowbeak requires careful planning and strategic thinking. Players are tasked with finding Victor’s Tower in the Star Mountains and using various tactics to increase their chances of winning.

About Palworld

Developed by Pocket Pair, Palworld is an action-adventure survival game set in a vast open world inhabited by creatures called “Pals”. An Early Access release on January 18, 2024 for Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S brought the game into focus. Palworld quickly gained popularity due to its unique blend of action and humor.

In Palpagos Islands, players are tasked with controlling hunger, crafting utilities, building bases, and fighting over 100 pals. The game offers both solo and multiplayer experiences, hosting up to 32 players on a single server.

A humorously oddball known for wearing guns and Pals as weapons, Palword has affectionately earned the moniker “Pok√©mon with Guns.” While facing criticism for its crass humor and lack of originality in its designs, Palword was a resounding success, selling 5 million units in its first three days of availability. Additionally, it has risen to the third most played game on Steam, attracting 1.5 million concurrent players.

Victor tower site

Players must embark on a journey to the northern region of the map, the Astral Mountains, to face the ultimate antagonist, Victor. Look for Victor’s Tower, located in the Black Prism Group, and climb to the summit.

Understanding weaknesses and strengths

It’s important to understand Victor and his pal’s strengths and weaknesses as they face Shadowbeck. Shadowbeak, a pure dark-type pal, shows vulnerability to dragon attacks. It’s worth enlisting Dragon Pals like Quivern, Jormuntide, and Azurobe to optimize your chances of victory. Additionally, having Felbat in your lineup is useful, as the partner skill gives life to all attacks, especially when wielding automatic rifles. Achieving the maximum level 50 before the battle is also recommended for improved readiness.

preparation for the war

To maximize your chances of dealing with Viktor and Shadowbeak, it’s important to don the cold-resistant Pale Metal Armor to protect against their attacks. Equipping high-end weapons like rocket launchers and assault rifles is crucial. Using the rocket launcher while mounted on a quiver will change its damage to dragon type, thus increasing your DPS (damage per second). Assault rifle complements Felbat, increasing the effect of its life steal ability. Enlisting the support of friends in battle serves to move your raid away from you and increase collective damage output.

Final bosses

Serving as the ultimate adversary in Palworld, Victor and Shadowbeck present a tough and strategically demanding challenge. Located in the Star Mountains, Victor stands as the pinnacle of the game’s difficulty in Early Access. Shadowbeak, Victor’s pal, has a pure dark-type personality, making him vulnerable to dragon attacks. Achieving victory over these fearsome bosses requires careful planning and strategic deployment of your friends. It’s worth investing significant time in gathering resources and leveling up your paladins to adequately prepare for this terrifying encounter.

About Palword game

In Palworld, players take on the role of a customizable avatar and explore the islands of Palpagos from a third-person perspective. The main goal is to uncover the secrets of the islands by controlling the level of hunger, using tools and structures, collecting materials and making a base for fast travel. More than 100 pals are introduced in the game, which players can capture and employ for various purposes, such as defending their base and helping with exploration and crafting. The tech tree allows you to unlock and craft weapons, structures, and decorations, enhancing player skills and expanding gameplay possibilities.

Palword’s vast open-world setting offers both solo and multiplayer experiences, hosting up to 32 players on a single server. The game’s unique comic premise featuring weaponized creatures adds a unique twist to the survival-adventure genre and contributes to a generally positive reception despite some criticism.

To overcome the final challenge presented by Victor and Shadowbeak in Palworld, players must approach the final boss with careful planning and thorough preparation. This includes pointing Victor’s tower over the Star Mountains, facing Dragon Pals, donning cold-resistant Pal Metal armor, and wielding formidable weapons such as rocket launchers and assault rifles. These strategic choices greatly increase their chances of success in the face of formidable opponents.

Palworld’s widespread popularity is due to its comical style, vast open world, and unique gameplay. Despite some minor criticisms, the game has been favored by gamers looking for a unique and exciting gaming experience.

Frequently Asked Questions:

For the final boss fight against Viktor and Shadowbeak, it is recommended to have Dragon Pals such as Quivern, Jormuntid, and Azurobe. These pulses have an advantage against Shadowbeak’s Dark-type attacks.

2. How can I increase my chances on Victor and Shadowbeak?

To increase your chances against Victor and Shadowbeak, equip cold-resistant Pal Metal armor, use high-end weapons like rocket launchers and assault rifles, and have your friends join you in the fight to keep the enemy away from you.

3. How can I upgrade my friend?

Spend your time leveling up your friends, mining resources and engaging in combat. This will allow your friends to gain experience and become stronger for the final boss fight.