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4 supplements a day prevent aging.

Despite conflicting advice about longevity — from a balanced diet to the best-kept secrets of centenarians, like drinking a glass of wine daily — an expert who has devoted his career to studying aging has revealed the extra foods he swears by.

In addition to following a plant-based diet, nutritionist Dr. Michael Greger Business Insider He takes supplements containing vitamin D, vitamin B12, and more.

He takes a daily vitamin D supplement, saying it helps absorb calcium and phosphorus, which are important for strong bones and teeth. In one study, it was associated with a reduced risk of cancer.

According to an expert, these vitamins are to promote better health. Katelyn –

While sunlight and certain foods provide vitamin D, 2022 data suggest that about half of Americans will get the recommended 600 international units (IU) per day.

A recent report examined how much vitamin D adults need, with the study authors concluding that it may be 10 times more than the current recommendation. The maximum recommended dose, however, is 4,000 IU.

Nutritionist Dr. Michael Greger told Business Insider that in addition to following a plant-based diet, he also takes supplements containing vitamin D, vitamin B12, and more. Nutrition facts
Vitamin B12, vitamin D, algae-based DHA and other health-promoting minerals are daily needs. Getty Images / iStockphoto

Greger says he takes 2,000 IU of vitamin D3 because he doesn’t get enough vitamins from diet and sunlight alone.

Vitamin B12 is also an important nutrient in the diet, which helps with nerve function, red blood cell formation, and DNA production, but similar to vitamin D, it is found mostly in animal products, making plant-based sources deficient. People.

While Recommended daily dose It’s 2.4 mcg, but according to Healthline, our bodies need less vitamin B12 from supplements.

“People who eat a plant-based diet should ensure a regular, reliable source of vitamin B12 throughout their lives,” advises Greger, who takes 2,000 micrograms per week.

Greger uses algae-based DHA, an omega-3 fatty acid that is important for brain function. If you have a DHA deficiency, You can develop Skin and eye irritation, hair changes, joint stiffness and increased depression.

Finally, Greger wraps ground turmeric, black cumin, ground ginger and gooseberry powder in a film as a DIY supplement for an anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting punch.

“These are whole foods. They’re not really supplements,” he told Insider. “You put some really scary powders, wrap them up like wontons, dip them in water, and then you swallow this little bag.”

Greger says he only buys high-quality supplements with USP certification. forenna –

But not all ingredients are created equal, warns Greger. According to the FDAManufacturers and distributors are responsible for “safety evaluation” before the product reaches the shelves, meaning they do not need FDA-approval before it can be sold as a drug.

Previous studies have shown higher levels of melatonin than advertised in sleep aid supplements, raising concerns about labeling validity. For this reason, Greger is skeptical of more manufacturers.

“They don’t worry about hygiene because there’s really no incentive,” says Greger, who only buys nutritional supplements certified by the United States Pharmacopeia (USP), which ensures high-quality products.

“They want to sell junk cheap. So I’m concerned about pollutants,” he said.

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