Logitech Keys To Go 2 5

Logitech announced an unexpected follow-up to its decade-old Keys-To-Go keyboard this month with the delivery of the Keys-To-Go 2 with a new design, updated features and more.

Original Logitech Keys-To-Go It was announced in 2014. The idea behind the keyboard was to offer a wireless keyboard as thin as possible, measuring just 6.1mm. The product was still available after purchase its last minor update in 2022.

Now Logitech Keys-To-Go 2 is on the way.

The new generation brings a completely new design. Instead of being a thin, cloth keyboard, it has proper keys with switches on a plastic deck. It also has an inner cover that flips to the back to make the keys ready to type on, then covers the keyboard when not in use. Recycled plastic is also used in the construction of the Keys-To-Go 2, accounting for 36% of the total construction.

The keyboard is still super thin, measuring 4.57mm at its thinnest point and 8.77mm at its thickest when closed.

So it’s actually a bit too thin to make the charging port possible. Instead, it uses coin-cell batteries that Logitech says will last up to 36 months. The keyboard also supports Logitech’s “Easy Switch” keys so you can switch between multiple devices. It also supports Logi Options+ on Windows and macOS for customizable features.

The keyboard itself is slightly smaller than what you’d get with an official tablet keyboard, but it still has large keys and a normal layout.

Logitech will offer the Keys-To-Go 2 in two variants, one for Apple devices and the other in a “Universal” design for $79.99. Both types are available in lilac, pale gray and graphite. Units begin shipping later this month Starting at the Logitech website.

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