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Losing weight can be tough, but there’s an easy way to jumpstart the process, experts say—shed unwanted belly fat and feel great in a few days.

There is only one catch – that simple way is to stop eating certain foods that Americans are addicted to, often out of necessity, thanks to our travel schedules that do not allow time to relax at home in the kitchen, preparing meals from the Mediterranean diet cookbook.

However — try to reduce this particular fat fuel, says one weight-loss expert, by swapping out healthy options and you’ll be surprised what can be done — especially in the particularly tricky belly area, where fat accumulates easily and hangs around more often than any of us would like.

Belly fat is hard to gain and lose, but this simple step may be the answer. Tatiana –

Lucy Jones is a nutritionist and chief clinical officer at Oviva, a UK weight management provider. She explained. Daily Star Eating fewer “refined carbs” can give you a big boost in the battle for the bulge—a battle worth fighting, considering the havoc belly fat can wreak on your internal organs, not to mention the way it increases your risk of heart disease, diabetes, and more.

“It’s hard to target specific areas of the body, but there is some evidence from studies like the Framlingham Heart Study that eating less sugar and refined carbohydrates — and replacing these with whole grains — can help reduce more belly fat,” Jones said.

This means that I will not accept the standard spaghetti plate, or the Italian sub in a white roll, with whole grain versions – whole wheat pasta and black yeast bread, for example, in exchange. Healthy, sure – but they can also help the weight loss process.

Try wheat, oat, pumpernickel or other dark breads instead of plain white bread. lisa870 –
Swap regular spaghetti for whole grain and see what a difference it makes, says an expert. Markus Schroeder –

A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition pitting a group of grain eaters against a group of non-grain eaters found that while the refined carb eaters lost a little weight, the whole grain eaters lost “more” belly fat. ” reported the Mirror.

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