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A major new update puts feet first Halo Infinite It delivers on Tuesday, March 19, some of the community’s biggest aspirations.

Network overhauls, weapon balance adjustments, bug fixes, stability and anti-cheat improvements, Firefight Custom and more β€” we have an official briefing on all of these key elements on this blog (more details to come in the patch notes).


Endless Image Of Spartans Fighting In The Halo Season 5 Prism Map
March Update Preview | Halo Infinite | Hello 8

A completely overhauled network model is coming Halo Infinite within a few days.

Since launch, we’ve heard the feedback loud and clear about the game’s online experience: sync, cornering, and more. And while we released numerous updates to the previous model, they didn’t have the impact players expected and deserved. Realizing this, the team decided to shift gears and make a fundamental change to the underlying network model. Since then, we have fallen head over heels to make it happen.

Last December, we shared a first look at it when it was introduced in Firefight: King of the Hill and shown off at Battle Workshop. It’s been great to see such a positive response from the community online, in our surveys and at Halo Support, but we knew it still needed some extra polish to roll out more widely.

Now that we’ve given it some extra time, we’re confident that this updated model will result in a better and more consistent multiplayer experience.


Halo Infinite Screenshot Map Oasis Of Season 3
March Update Preview | Halo Infinite | Hello 9

Easy Anti-Cheat is coming next week Halo Infinite!

Easy Anti-Cheat is a tool that monitors players’ game files as they play Halo Infinite to ensure the integrity of every match and fight fraud. With the March Update, our detection and enforcement capabilities will be enhanced, greatly improving the overall security of the game and our ability to respond to cheaters.

If you experience cheating, be sure to use the in-game report feature or go to Halo Support to submit a ticket.


since its debut in Halo InfiniteSquad Battle has quickly become a staple playlist favorite for those looking for something between the focused action of 4v4 and the larger scale mayhem of 12v12 Big Team Battle.

With the arrival of the March Update, we’ve updated the Squad Battle playlist with seven new maps designed by the incredibly talented Forgers.

There are returning classics, e.g Halo 4‘s destruction and Hello: WHAT (on PC) Timberland, along with new maps you’ll fall in love with.

  • Destruction
  • Shelter
  • Timberland has evolved
  • Meeting
  • Gyre
  • Harvesting
  • Hippo

Be sure to check out our Squad Battle Refresh blog when it drops next week for all the details!


Halo Infinite Screenshot Of A Spartan Sprinting Into Action
March Update Preview | Halo Infinite | Hello 10

The March Update is full of weapon balance changes that try to take feedback from the community at large into account.

Increased reload speed by 10% to address a common feedback that reloading was slow and difficult.

  • Aim assist drop range
  • Aim assist range reduction
  • The goal assist angle is reduced

We’ve seen players share frustrations when exposed to longer range Heatwave shots. The gun’s unique ability to hit these shots, especially the sub-fire reception, is still the core of its identity. However, we think it was a little too easy to be effective outside of the intended range.

Starting next week, he will require more accuracy when going for long range shots, while keeping his close range capabilities largely intact.

  • Faster charging time
  • The rate of fire for single shots has decreased slightly
  • Faster overheating

Over time, we’ve noticed that using the Plasma Pistol’s single-shot function has become the primary way players control the weapon, effectively utilizing all of the weapon’s advantages, but with a minimal element of risk.

These changes are intended to give players a chance to find success with a single shot, while also giving more effectiveness to the charged shot.

  • Reduce the number of shots for overheating
  • Slower ventilation rate per second

We’ve seen an increase in community feedback stating that the Stalker Rifle is overperforming. Looking at player usage online, we could see that they were able to use the weapon to chain multiple kills without much room for counterplay.

As a result, we’ve lowered the Stalker Rifle’s overheating threshold and increased its cooldown. This adjustment should reduce the rate at which players are successful during quick shots and require them to be more deliberate with each trigger pull.

  • Increased friction at close range
  • Less aggressive blooming

With the replacement of the Battle Rifle to the Bandit EVO as the primary weapon in the ranked arena, the viability of the Commando has been substantially reduced.

A recurring theme from players has been to give the Commando some love, and so these changes aim to make the weapon more manageable – addressing the feedback around it feeling “slippery” and dealing more consistent damage so players can keep their weapons. Ground against Battle Rifle and Bandit EVO.

Halo Infinite Image Of Gravity Hammer
March Update Preview | Halo Infinite | Hello 11
  • Fixed an issue that doubled the power of the Gravity Hammer and its variants.
  • 1.5 times its original tuning to allow for better damage and knockback

Gravity Hammer’s reign of terror is… well, no it’s overyou’ll still soil your armored pants when you turn around to find a player already mid-swing only to find a Grappleshot and Gravity Hammer rushing at you, but it’s not quite the boogeyman of late.

Biz Gravity Hammer (and its variants) will increase damage and knock back by 1.5x its power before Season 5. This puts those values ​​at the midpoint between the pre-Season 5 period and those in recent months.

We’re excited for these updates to hit the battlefield next week. Don’t forget to share your feedback after experimenting with them and let us know how they feel!

And rest assured, we’ll continue fine-tuning the sandbox in future updates.


Halo Infinite Screenshot Of Brutal Boss Using Gravity Hammer In Firefight
March Update Preview | Halo Infinite | Hello 12

Since the Fire: King of the Hill has arrived Halo Infinite In December 2023, players battled the Banished in the House of Reckoning and other maps and custom Forge maps.

Introducing Firefight Custom with the March Update. This is a “bare” Firefight mode that retains the high-level structure of Firefight: King of the Hill (Kits, lives, skulls, scores, Custom Game options), but removes all the logic associated with hills. In other words, this is Firefight: King of the Hill without king of the hill.

Mode scripters will have full control over what constitutes a loss or win, whether teams win skulls, which spawns are triggered when, and whether players can gain more lives. We wanted Forgers to spend less time and budget scripting the mod’s core features and instead spend their time on the logic that supports their ideal experience. This new option also integrates well with Forge’s previously released Mode Creator, allowing mod creators to create their experience once and share it with multiple map creators.

Added new Forge Node Graph features to empower Forgers on this front. These nodes will work in both Firefight Custom and the original King of Hill variants:

  • Get Started in Firefighting
  • Fire Fighting is Over
  • Ultimate Firefighting Special Set
  • Fail Firefight Custom Set
  • Adjust Firefight Custom Lifepool
  • Get the Firefight Special Set State
  • Get Firefight Special Wave Spawn
  • Get the Firefight Special Boss Spawn
  • Remove AI Spawner Definition

With the elegance of these options, Forgers have more power than ever to create their own unique PvE modes, and we’re excited to see it continue to elevate the experience for players!


Halo Infinite Screenshot Of The Thunderhead Map
March Update Preview | Halo Infinite | Hello 13

In addition to Firefight Custom, Forge will also receive numerous bug fixes next week. One of the most notable updates will be improvements to Copy Protection for Maps and Modes. Forgers’ creations will now be safer, thus reducing copycats and clearing the way for the creator to get more credit for what they build and share with the community.

Last but certainly not least, this update also has a lot of improvements for stability thanks to a lot of crash fixes. Through in-game telemetry, community feedback, and reports shared with the Halo Support team, we use data to determine which crash fixes will have the most impact on our players. If you experience stability issues Halo Infiniteplease inform them Halo Support site.

That concludes this preview of the upcoming March Update. I thank Hello community for your continued support as we continue to monitor player feedback for continued improvement Halo Infinite!