Teach Your Pals New Attacks In Palworld: Mastering Combat Skills

News: In order to increase the strength and effectiveness of your allies in Palworld during battles, it is very important to include a strategy to deliver new attacks to them. This guide will dive into two main approaches to teaching your Pals hot moves: recruiting skill fruits and the leveling process. By following these steps, you can customize your Pals’ abilities, ensuring they are well-equipped for the challenging adventures ahead.

Using the Fruits of Ability;

Skill fruits are used as a special treat to introduce new active abilities or attacks to your friends. Familiarize yourself with the following steps to optimize the effectiveness of skill fruits.

Understanding the fruits of talent;

Ability fruits are divided by element type, reflecting the formation of the attack. Each skill fruit is designed to teach one attack in the corresponding membership type. This category facilitates the selection of the most suitable skill fruit for your pal.

Finding the Fruits of Talent;

Acquiring skill fruits in Palworld can be achieved in several ways. In-game merchants offer skill fruits for sale, the price of which depends on the rarity of the attack they convey. Alternatively, you can collect Skill Fruits from Skill Fruit trees, distinguished by their soft blue glow, yielding three Skill Fruits per tree. These unique trees regenerate over time, allowing you to collect more skill pods. Also, during your adventures, be on the lookout for skill fruits as occasional loot or hidden in chests.

Level Up:

As you and your companions gather experience on your journey, you’ll level up and gain new attacks. Follow these steps to guarantee the development of your pals into fearsome warriors:

Experience Points (EXP):

Level up your pals by actively participating in battles, completing missions, and exploring the vast world to earn experience points (EXP). The more EXP accumulated for your pal, the faster their progression to higher levels.

Level Up Notifications:

When your pal reaches a successful level, a notification will appear on the screen, reminding them of their progress. This notification indicates that your pal has reached a new level and is now ready to receive a new attack.

Checking for new attacks:

To reveal your pal’s newly acquired attack, go to the Active Skills menu. This menu provides a comprehensive list of attacks found during the rating process.

Leverage the ability to proactively shape your partner’s skill set, combining the use of skillsets and a standardized process. This personalized approach is guaranteed to turn your pal into a staunch companion in the realm of palworld. Take charge, inspire your friends with new attacks and prepare yourself for the exciting adventures ahead!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Where can I find skill fruits in Palworld?

A: Skill Fruits can be obtained from merchants, skill fruit trees, and as random loot or chest rewards throughout your adventures.

Q: How do I know if my friend is up to standard?

A: You will receive a notification on the screen indicating that your pal has leveled up and is ready to learn a new attack.

Q: Can I teach Pal multiple attacks with skill fruits?

A: Yes, you can teach your pal’s multiple attacks the desired membership type by eating different skill pods.