Palworld Stair Ramp
Rory Teale

One player found this key feature to be the best to get the most out of Palworld games, they use a giant ramp to get out of their base.

Based on Pocket Pair’s successful Palworld game, players are drawn to the amazing monster-hunting experience it provides.

However, this is still a survival game, so bases are a must to protect you from the horrors of the night. Palworld offers a variety of customization options and different features, so players can build some stylish bases to make themselves at home.

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The Palworld the community joined in a discussion to discuss what features they should have, including a man who was able to build a giant ramp.

A Palworld player claims that base exit ramps are a “must have”.

In a shared post social mediaa player urged the Palworld community to integrate an exit ramp into their base.

“Make exit ramps for your bases,” he said, adding a video of them sliding down the ramp to exit the base at incredible speed.

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The video immediately confused some players who wanted to know how they could copy the action and basic structure.

“I have no idea, what button are you pushing? I don’t even know how to squat,” said one. “How did you solve the support problem? Usually he cannot build more than 1 staircase from the cliff.

The original poster shared the secret of how to build the ramp with the Palworld community, who were both confused and amazed.

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“I had to start at the bottom with stairs on the foundation, then use the walls/ceiling tiles as support as I climbed the cliff,” the player said.

Palworld fans are bound to come up with more fantastic creative ideas for core features as they gain more experience in the world of monster hunting, so don’t forget to follow our Palworld page for more similar news.