Palworld Pokemon Mewtwo
Brad Norton

A Palworld data mine has revealed a Pal that bears a striking resemblance to Mewtwo from the Pokemon series, reigniting the debate as accusations of plagiarism have been rampant.

Long before Palworld became the cultural phenomenon it is now in 2024, it was labeled as “Gun Pokemon”. While the early access builds we have today are more similar in structure to Survival games like Ark, Pals themselves have been heavily researched.

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With dozens of designs resembling those found in the Pokemon franchise, controversy has been rampant to the point where the Pokemon Company itself chimed in a few days ago.

Now, as the record-breaking bestseller looks to continue its momentum, many are looking to what’s next. According to the alleged database, an even scarier look-alike Pals could be next.

Pokemon YouTuber Aslan two was among the first to share the Palworld design ripped from the game’s code. Eurogamer managed to talk Found this particular design by accident with original leaker Brian Cozzens Designing 3D models found throughout the game.

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In this case, “Dark Mutant” Pal comes into question as a data mine reveals a creature that bears a striking resemblance to Mewtwo. From the pointy ears to the three fingers and toes, Pal’s design is definitely inspired by the popular Pokemon.

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Lewtwo, who has been on fire on social media for the said resemblance, shared the photo saying, “You can’t be serious.” Three million impressions later and the ongoing debate now has another blazing hot talking point.

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“This man is crazy [because] Pokemon hasn’t had a good game since Black & White 2,” “Competition is good,” “Looks better than Mewtwo,” and “It’s just blatantly ripped off.”

Although the developers of Palworld have clearly responded to the accusations of Pokemon imitation, millions of players are still arguing. Now, with the game on The Pokemon Company’s radar, it may only be a matter of time before legal action takes place.

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For now, though, the game continues to thrive with brisk sales and huge followings on streaming platforms alone. Whether or not this Mewtwo-esque Pal makes it into the full game and helps carry the momentum is anyone’s guess for now.