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PlayStation Days is an annual celebration of all things PlayStation, and to mark the occasion, the PlayStation Store traditionally offers some of its best deals. the biggest deals of the yearand this is the case in 2024 in large numbers the best PS5 games reduced to lowest prices for a limited time.

About 1000 discounts Game days 2024 sale, there are dozens of deals for $20 or less, and those savings aren’t on one-off titles, either. It is important PS5 and PS4 Games are up to 90% off in this digital store sale. Favorite deals include Hi-Fi Rush for $17 (was $29), Deathloop for $11 (was $59) and LEGO Harry Potter Collection for only $2 (Was $19) – that’s not a typo, you can get the whole game for two bucks!

There are so many can’t-miss deals here that I’ve rounded up my favorites below, and for those who prefer a physical disc to a digital download, I’ve also included some of the best PS5 game deals. Amazon and Best Buy. While a few of these cost more than $20, major hits like Spider-Man 2 include discounts.

The best PlayStation Store deals under $20

The best PS5 game deals right now