To no one’s surprise, Destiny 2 is having a bit of trouble handling the large number of people logging in to play its latest Light and Darkness expansion, which begins today at its normal weekly reset time of 1pm ET. .

While players can pre-download the game in the last day or so, that’s obviously not the point, trying to get into the game. Right now, most players aren’t even queuing to get in, as we sometimes see in releases like this. Thirty minutes after starting, the error message is that the servers are completely down.

If you want to know what causes traffic jams, look no further There is only Steam 220,000 simultaneous players with servers are offline, meaning everyone is looking at a login screen they can’t get past. And that’s just Steam, to say nothing of the game’s console player base.

These concurrent numbers are the highest we’ve seen in a game since Lightfall, Destiny 2’s all-time PC peak with 316,000 players. With this many players sitting idle, not even able to play, it seems pretty clear that the record will be broken, or may have already happened by the time you read this.

As I recall, the release of Lightfall was actually quite smooth despite the large number of players. I remember thinking it might be wet to get in, but it really wasn’t. Here? I guess we’ll see, but the servers say off at this point the error message is a bit annoying. I’m waiting for an official update from Bungie, if they do. I am sure everyone is struggling to get something online.

Check back here for updates on server and login status and I’ll update throughout the day. There’s no guarantee that everything will go smoothly once you log in, as we’ve seen many examples of error codes that can re-occur over the years. But I’m sure Bungie is doing their best and we just have to be patient.

Refresh: After about an hour of issues, Bungie has acknowledged the issue, but no ETA on fixes:

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